Chapter Ten—The Yoga of Divine glories

The Holy Lord said:
Now hear from Me the supreme word
Which I speak to you, Mighty-Armed,
For you are beloved to Me.
I speak desiring your welfare. (1)

Neither the multitude of gods
Or great seers know My origin.
In truth I am the source of the
Gods, as well as of the great seers. (2)

He who knows Me as birthless and
Beginningless, the world’s Great Lord–
He alone among mortals is
Undeluded and freed from sins. (3)

Reason, knowledge, non-delusion,
Forbearance, truth, restraint of sense,
Calmness, happiness, misery,
Birth, death, fear, also fearlessness, (4)

Non-injury, and contentment,1
Austerity, benevolence,
Both good repute and ill repute–
All these arise from Me alone. (5)

The ancient Seven Great Rishis2
And Four Manus,3 with pow’rs like Me,
Were born of My mind, and from them
Are all the creatures in this world. (6)

He who knows all these manifold
Manifestations of My pow’r
And glory, becomes established
In yoga–there can be no doubt. (7)

I am the origin of all,
And from Me ev’rything evolves–
Thinking thus, the wise worship Me
With consciousness all filled with love. (8)

With minds and lives intent on Me,
Enlightening4 one another,
And speaking of Me constantly,
They are content and do rejoice. (9)

To them, the constantly steadfast,
Worshipping Me with affection,
I bestow the buddhi-yoga
By which they shall come unto Me. (10)

Out of compassion for them, I,
Abiding in their hearts, destroy
The darkness born of ignorance
By the shining lamp of knowledge. (11)

Arjuna said:
Supreme Brahman, Supreme Abode,
Supreme Purifier, Divine,
Eternal Person, the First God,
The Birthless and All-pervading– (12)

Thus all the sages declare You:
Narad’,5 Asita Devala,6
And Vyasa7–and now do You, too,
Yourself declare it unto me. (13)

I regard all this that You say
To me as true, O Keshava.
In truth, neither gods nor demons
Know of Your manifestation. (14)

For You know Yourself by Yourself,
O You, the Supreme Purusha8:
Source of beings, Lord of beings,
God of gods, Ruler of the world. (15)

You should now describe completely
Your divine manifestations
By which, pervading all these worlds,
You do abide within all things. (16)

How may I know You, O Yogi,
Always meditating on You?
In what aspects of Your Being
Are You to be thought of by me? (17)

Explain to me in more detail
Your pow’rs and manifestations.
I am never satiated
In hearing Your amrit-like9 words. (18)

The Holy Lord said:
Listen! I shall tell you of My
Divine Self-manifestations;
But only the chief ones, because
There is no end to My expanse. (19)

I am the Self abiding in
The heart of all beings; I am
The beginning, the middle, and
Also the end of all beings. (20)

I am Vishnu10 of Adityas;11
The Sun among luminaries;
I am Marichi of Maruts;12
Among the stars I am the Moon. (21)

Of Vedas, the Sama Veda;13
I am Indra14 among the gods;
Of the senses I am the mind;
Intelligence in all beings. (22)

Among the Rudras,15 Shankara;16
Kuber17 of yakshas,18 rakshasas;
Of Vasus19 I am Pavaka;20
And of mountains Meru21 am I. (23)

And of priests, O son of Pritha,
Know Me the chief, Brihaspati;22
Of generals I am Skanda;23
Among the waters, the ocean. (24)

Of great Rishis24 I am Bhrigu;25
Of words, the one-syllabled OM;
Of Yajñas,26 the Japa27 Yajña;28
Of immovables: Himalayas. (25)

Of trees I am the Ashwattha;29
Of Deva-rishis, Narada;
Of Gandharvas,30 Chitraratha;31
Among siddhas,32 Sage Kapila.33 (26)

Among horses, Uchchaishravas34
Who was born of the Amrita;
Of elephants, Airavata;35
And among men I am the king. (27)

Among weapons, the Thunderbolt;36
Among cows I am Kamadhuk;37
The cause of offspring, Kandarpa;38
Of serpents I am Vasuki.39 (28)

Of Nagas40 I am Ananta;41
Of water beings, Varuna;42
Of pitris43 I am Aryaman;44
Of controllers I am Yama.45 (29)

Of demons46 I am Prahlada;47
Among measurers I am Time;
Among beasts I am the lion;
Among birds I am Garuda.48 (30)

Of purifiers I am Wind;
Among warriors I am Rama;49
Of fishes I am the dolphin;
Of rivers I am the Ganges.50 (31)

Of manifestations I am
Beginning, middle, and the end;
Of knowledge, knowledge of the Self;
Of disputants I am logic. (32)

Among letters, the letter A;
Of compounds I am the dual;
I am inexhaustible Time;
I the Sustainer, the All-formed. (33)

I am all-destroying death and
Origin of all that shall be.
I am fame, prosperity, speech,
Mem’ry, wisdom, courage, patience. (34)

Of chants I am Brihatsaman;51
Of meters I am Gayatri;52
Of months I am Margashirsha;53
Of seasons, the season of flow’rs.54 (35)

The gambling of the fraudulent,
The splendor of the splendorous;
I am victory and effort;
I am sattwa of the sattwic. (36)

Among Vrishnis,55 Vasudeva;56
Of Pandavas, Dhananjaya;
Among sages I am Vyasa;
Among the rishis, Ushanas.57 (37)

The sceptre of authorities,
Strategy of the ambitious,
Of secret things I am silence;
The knowledge of knowers am I. (38)

Whate’er the seed of all beings,
That also am I, Arjuna.
No thing, moving or unmoving,
Can e’er exist apart from Me. (39)

Arjuna, there is no end of
My divine manifestations.
What I have spoken unto you
Is but an example of them. (40)

Whatever is glorious or
Prosperous or yet powerful,
Understand that springs from but a
Fraction of My radiant Pow’r. (41)

Of what value is it for you
To know all this, O Arjuna?
I ever support this whole world
By just one portion of Myself. (42)

Om Tat Sat
Thus in the Upanishads of the glorious Bhagavad Gita, the science of the Eternal, the scripture of Yoga, the dialogue between Sri Krishna and Arjuna, ends the tenth discourse entitled: The Yoga of Divine Glories.