Hinduism and Yoga

hinduism and yoga

Hinduism or Sanatana dharma is just not a religion - it includes spiritual, cultural and philosophical beliefs that make for an extremely meaningful life. Yoga, Ayurveda (Veda of Life/medicine), Indian music and dance forms all forms of Hinduism.

Yoga practices or yogasanas help the disciplines to achieve freedom from the limitations of the flesh and lead to the fulfillment of knowledge. The goal of Yoga is not to achieve peace within, channeling, or the working of miracles, but the acquirement of knowledge. In fact, the Yoga doctrine insists that physical and mental training should be used only as a means to spiritual needs.

The benefits of Yoga are numerous. In terms of energy Yoga is like a universe in itself. Some of the important Yoga benefits include anti-ageing, balance and flexibility of body, increase in knowledge and wealth, improvement in mental health and development of personal and social values. This is not the end of story; Yoga also helps in improving strength, sexual life and reducing weight. Yoga makes you feel good. Yoga is relaxing. It's energizing. It's strengthening.

Healing benefits of Yoga are so great that you feel better at the end of every Yoga session than before you began and life runs effortlessly when you keep up a steady discipline than when you don't. Yoga enhances your understanding of life. Yoga changes an individual's perspective about life. After coming in the fold of Yoga a person finds himself taking up a broader view of life. Yoga helps a person to know who he is, how life works, who is God and so on. One starts looking at things differently, with less confusion. It helps in more peace of mind, better health, more keenness for life, and an ever-growing sense of internal well-being.

As one practices Yoga, positive effects of Yoga begin to show. The sense of feeling good envelops around the individual. This feeling is so natural and so genuine that it goes entirely in an individual's life. In this way it helps clarify deepest cravings, motivations and aspirations, thereby restoring confidence, hope, meaning and rationale to life. Yoga practice forms a ladder to perfect knowledge through eight stages: self-control, religious observance, postures, regulation of the breath, restraint of the senses, steadying of the mind, meditation, and profound contemplation.

Surya Namaskar or Salutations to the Sun, Surya namaskar steps and mantra

Sun or Surya is the generator and sustainer of Life in this Universe. The Surya Namaskar is a set of yoga poses for well being of humans. Regular practice of Surya Namaskar will ward away many common diseases and keep you fit. Please do the Surya Namaskar with the following mantras dedicated to Surya and facing the Sun in the morning.

om mitraya namah
om ravayé namah
om suryaya namah
om bhanavé namah
om khagaya namah
om pushné namah
om hiranyagarbhaya namah
om marichayé namah
om adityaya namah
om savitré namah
om arkaya namah
om bhaskaraya namah