Save Shambo, The temple bull from being slaughtered...


We need your urgent help to uphold the central tenet of dharma- that life is sacred.

Shambo is a Temple bull that is threatened with slaughter by the Welsh Assembly Government because he has reacted to the TB skin test. The test only shows he may have been exposed to the TB bacteria and does not prove he is infectious.

Even if he where to prove infectious he could be treated.

Shambo lives at Skanda Vale Temple in South Wales UK, a foremost centre of pilgrimage for the Hindu Community.

All life is sacred , it is imperative that the Hindu Community uses their voice to pressurise the government into revoking the slaughter notice and working constructively with the Temple to find a solution that does not involve killing. Over 13,000 have already signed an online petition, and many have written to the government to voice concern. Please follow the links below.

Prompt action is crucial to avoid the slaughter of Shambo, the desecration of the Hindu religion, and of a sacred Temple.

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